Monday, 9 April 2012


I know it has be sooooo long since my last post but I was just stuck for ideas of designs to do, but now I have quite a few that I will be posting soon :)
This design is super cute and I really hope you like it as much as I do :)
(and sorry for the wonky laces :/ )

Items I used:
Bright red polish
White polish - Barry M matte white
Thin nail art brush
Sellotape (optional)

1. Paint your nails with the Bright red polish
2. (optional part)When that is really dry stick some tape over the nail, leaving the bit you will paint white free
3. Paint the 'toe' of the shoe white and small white lines up the side
4. When that is completely dry paint a very thin black line all around the edge
5. Just add some black dots for the lace holes and join up with white lines as the laces
6. Add a topcoat and you are DONE :)

TIP: Change the shoe colour or lace colour for a personal touch, or if you wanted to be really adventurous instead of a plain coloured shoe try different patterns like pink camouflage :)

Really hope you like this, let me know what you think
Hannah :)