Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Animal print: Leopard

I really like these nails, in fact I love any animal print nails! for this one I have included two pics of the same design, but in different colours. Enjoy!! :)
 Items I used:
No.7 polish in Gold Dust (light gold)
No.7 polish in Warm Gold (darker gold)
Black polish
Dotting tool/Thin brush

1. Paint all your nails until opaque in your lighter gold
2. When dry add some random dots/splodges over your nail min the darker gold
3. When these have dried outline the dots with your black polish but don't join up all the edges, almost make them into funny shaped dots
4. Add a top coat and your done!

Here is the same design but in a different colour as an idea,
 For this one you do exactly the same as the gold one, just make sure that the darker colour that you use is in the centre of the spots, other wise it wont look quite right.

I hope you liked this design! let me know in the comments and i will try to get back to you.
Hannah :)