Friday, 20 January 2012


Hello, here is another design for you :) I hope you like it as I think that it looks really nice with the matte and glitter together (even tho you cant see in the picture very well)

Items I used:
no.7 Polish in Night night
mattifying top coat
yellow/gold polish
gold cosmetic glitter

1. paint all of your nails with 'night night'
2. when dry paint on 1 coat of the matte top coat
3. when that is dry use your yellow/gold polish and make a few flicks at the bottom of the nail
4. while that is still wet add the glitter on top of the wet polish

You should be left with this great design that has mattifyed gold background and bright shiny flicks.
I really hope you like it and leave me some comments,
Hannah :)

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